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Healthcare & Medical

Understanding Healthcare Challenges:

The healthcare industry today is saddled with multiple challenges that require planned tactical solutions and compliance in areas of financial planning, practice due diligence and clinical expertise to achieve optimal levels of performance and focus.

Physicians and practice managers alike must make practical, informed decisions consistent with objectives of the practice and without losing sight of intended goals. Consequently, expert advice is required to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.

Practice management, strategic planning and implementation are a continuous source of concern of physicians and practice managers today. Inefficient practice management leads to poor cash flow that deteriorates office and hospital based practices. Poor choices in recruitment, reimbursement, and record keeping processes along with patient mismanagement require focused business proficiency to ensure a positive practice management experience. Additionally an awareness of industry trends and laws, Federal and State taxation and the like can be intimidating to a practice today.

Healthcare & Medical Financial Solutions:

Reade & Company LLC will assist you in removing the financial concerns so you can focus on patient care. Whether you are a physician, a nurse practitioner or a practice manager, we can provide or develop resourceful forward thinking and integrated solutions. We assist practices with HR solutions, bookkeeping tasks, compliance and regulatory matters and tax planning to secure the quality of the practice’s services and the overall financial health of their operations.

Our multi-dimensional team of Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, financial experts and healthcare consultants provide the framework and guidance to grow healthcare practices and optimize their profitability.

Who We Serve

  • (ASC's) Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  • Pain Management Centers

  • Dentistry & Orthodontics

For The last 18 years Andrew Reade and his team have been the center of my business world. It started with an IRS agent flashing a badge in my office and I thought my world was about to end. It didn’t, only because Andrew and his team fixed what needed to be fixed, did what needed to be done and I have never had an IRS encounter again. He has done more than just crisis management. Filings are done, forms filled out and filed and he has kept me on the straight and narrow. His business counsel has been invaluable in helping me run and grow my practice. Never more than a phone call away, always reachable Andrew and his team is an oasis of calm in the stormy seas of government regulations, state requirements and….well you get the idea. There aren’t really enough platitudes I can render. He has done a terrific job for me and I know he will for you……

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